Лучшие Форекс брокеры 2021:

Fast Trigger Entry

This indicator gives you nice trigger entry. whatever it is your trading style. You can use on different timeframes and also you can select from the setting the sensibility of the indicator itself, changing the input parameter «cycle period». For faster trigger signals you need to use shorter «cycle periods». You can use it in reversal strategy as well as in trending strategy.

Форекс стартегия Fast Trend Line Momentum

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Как правильно использовать индикатор MACD

Have also a look at my other indicators, hoping you will find useful for your trading 🙂

Fast and smooth RSI

Fast & smooth RSI is a modified RSI indicator. The oscillator curve directions are displayed in different colors for easier visualization. The fast smoothing method is used for calculation so that the indicator readings do not lag behind, while insignificant RSI oscillations are sorted out. Also, the indicator reaches extremums earlier providing more signals. Besides, you can change the averaging method and price.

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

Торговая Стратегия Объемы и Уровни — Грааль для Трейдера.


  • RSI Period — number of bars used for the indicator calculation (four or higher).
  • Average mode — modified Moving Average type.
  • Average price — averaging price type.

The configured period should not be less than four. If a lower value is set, the minimum allowable value is used.

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