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Repainting vs Non-repainting Forex Indicators

Knowing whether if your Forex indicators are repainting or not is important. Traders would want to have their indicators to be non – repainting Forex indicators as re-painting indicators can be highly frustrating since it will somehow mislead you whether your trade is good or bad. Normally, when your indicator repaints, your demo will show you that it’s great but when you tried to back test it in real time, it shows you the opposite.

There are a lot of non repainting indicators out there but there are still a lot of repainting indicators too. Just be very careful in choosing. An example of non repainting one is mladen’s code from Forex-TSD. Aside that it does not repaint, it is also non lagging indicators upon request.These repainting indicators are wasting a lot of time for you to check on it always. Indicators such as stealth lcd, xb4d and some mtf are among of the indicators that repaints. Although you may want to combine this with the others.

As you go on with trading, you will discover a lot more of learnings that you will soon discover whether a move was good or not. And I will share some of the things learned. Be reminded that a Support and Resistance Lines are great. Don’t try to predict the direction of the market, Don’t you ever chase a trade, just follow the market by reacting to its current condition and lastly, please know that money management by compounding
the profit is the holy grail.

Mastering The Trade Review

If you are fascinated with numbers and trading, you may want to turn your passion into a full-time career. All you need to is to master the trade with a helpful guide,step by step, an approach improved to you become a successful trader. John F. Carter brings to us through his book Mastering the Trade. He is a full time trader and fund manager. He combined his insights about the market overview with specific trading strategies and concepts.
You can find chart set-ups, methodology, very important money management principles and many more in this book.

The book aims you to get results and do away with the worn out of time strategies which cannot be a help anymore and make use of the real principles which underlies every trading event and tells you how the trading goes up or goes down. It deals more of the the psychological truths behind every trend. It has already proven its success turning a novice trader into a savvy trader.

The writer has developed a great intuitive understanding of the market that he will share to his readers the secrets how the market works. If you want to follow him to master trade, the book will provide all the necessary understanding how the system works. That includes the internal strategies for overcoming the danger in using the emotions and how to make yourself as one in the front lines of the professional traders.

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Commodity Traders Almanac 2022 by Jeffrey A Hirsch

A highly recommended book by several world’s most reknowned traders and leading companies is the book by Jeffrey A Hirsch – Commodity Traders Almanac 2022. This is yearly guide to commodities trading. It doesn’t matter if your a professional investor or just a novice, this book is an important book you should be sitting next beside you that packed with important trends, strategies and data for all traders. All the information you need about stocks, ETFS etc.

Dubbed as a great tool for all whether you are a struggling newbie or a seasoned professional. This is a must read for all who would want to succeed in trading. As it offers a great way to to understand the way commodity pricing works and give you insights about investment and how to make money with oil, corn, pineapples and other commodities.

This is a timely book especially for traders like me, who would want to start trading as they will share their winning formula. Many have already showed interests towards commodity trading lately. It can teach you how to stay away from trouble and provide you in advance an edge.

Is Indrafxscalping 8.0 Smart Profitable?

Indrafxscalping 8.0 Smart Profitable is the latest version of the Indrafxscalping series. Said to be working best on TF 15 GU & EU. It open nice trades and great if you could have a conservation version of fixed SL. But according to Mr. Indra, who developed the earlier version, it only works in sideways. And no broker had yet testified that they are making great profit.

Contrary to a claim for which source I can’t recall, that this EA can make you richer like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates if you run it by just two days. That definitely an overstatement. In fact, the default settings is martingale and there is no SL. Be careful in using this Ea as this can be dangerous. When used on real account, it was blown out. Have to have more fund just to survive as it works on trending bad in sideways.

I’ve never heard that they have been successful in this EA, or if there are, they are not sharing their success. So better be cautious and stay away from it. There are a lot of EAs that are not martingale. Be reminded that 4digit miracle wont work this way on 5digit. But then if you are smart well and knows how to fix the trailing stop feature for indrafxscalping 8.0, this might work for you.

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A Review on Ice Crusher EA

Using Heiken Ashi and Range- Bars for the stoporders and indicators from 4indicators EA for the Standorders fabricated resulted to an amazing EA called Ice Crusher EA. Proven for its great result with 4indic EA and its optimized setting, so I think its nice to take this entry.

You may want to develop this EA like integrating your entry into the private dynamic flexgrid. This is just a prototype, and it can further be improved. One should be aware that this is an EA which means it can not act like the manual trading but you can still intervene while trading. Also, you may want to use this EA in a demo first and of course you should also consider the holiday market condition as this would definitely make changes in the market.

It does well on a demo and it has optimized the 2022 with a win of more that 95% in all trades and with only one lose and 13 winners. You may also want to optimize trailing. I can say that this EA is the best EA since it always takes profit. If you want to check it’s effectiveness, check it out on a demo account.

Great System Shared using Fibo

There is an incredible and awesome system confirmed by its followers at Forex TSD created by Dark Onyx. Through it’s simple system, it made this system easy to follow. Sharing you this with its few modifications. It uses a news indicator called“! IN10TION NewsReader v09.99e lite” which is bit annoying for its news alerter for it’s somewhat overkills and CPU intensive. The news indicator made use of Fibo’s. Just remove it and use a better or any Fibo indicator equivalent. You may replace it with a better indicator called Pivots.mq4 from MLaden over at Forex-TSD. This will allow you to plot Fibos, normal privots and its MTF.

We replace his NonLagMa_7.1 with the other much version from MLaden, still as a modification. This indicator was found to receive earlier signals with a range of 2-3 bars ahead than its original indicator. This system can be optimized in a 15 min time frame for EURUSD pair.

This is relatively a simple system which helps and a relief to most of the traders though it’s simple and easy to follow. A pretty good system and when done some backtesting, it showed that it’s best if done manually. Normally, an EA would suffer a lot whipsaws because the entries are usually after a strong up move and the next would be drawdowns or would have stopped prematurely.

Best Forex Trade News

Being a trader in forex, stocks or options trader, getting the most important news about a trade is one vital requirement. The internet has been loaded with so much information coming from various sites. But not all of them provide news in a timely manner. Where should we go then? Who can then provide the best Forex Trade News?

It’s a bit hard to find one for news trading. But you may opt to follow news from various forums and threads or from a forum like Forex Factory. Forex Factory provides great information needed by professional forex traders, fast and updated forex news, forums with unlimited topics and I think their forex calendar is the most reliable one. And they are famous with it.

There are also social networks which is a very good help for they contain daily new updates. They helped by following such news media. There are also existing newsletters which can help traders to keep an eye on trades.

Forex Replicator vs Ft. Dejavu

Forex Replicator is an installer not an mq4 or exe file EA. It is the same with ft. dejavu, which both are printing candlestick in the future of your chart. But forex replicator has a semi automatic robot which made you trade on your own.

For ft.dejavu, it comes with a template. The red ‘future’ bars looks like the picture at the Replicator site. It contains a percentage fit up top of the bars where the indicator is located. Adding up the green pips template and indicators to make it more exciting and fun. Though it’s not a replicator, but still it showed the future bars if tried based on the pictures and its like its working well.

On the other hand, replicator is good. If you buy a replicator, you will get refunded. Though dejavu is better, here’s what good about a replicator, it needs to be cracked and can be encrypted dll but when you buy a replicator, you will only get a GBPUSD and EURUSD and for each of the other pairs, you need to purchase one for each. It may sucked you out and then later on realize that you buy more than what you gain.

Forex Pip Gather vs Forex Bible System

Another EA that works best on the middle timeframes, M15,M30 is Forex Pip Gather. This is essentially the same as Forex Bible System . It attempts to include a trailing stop line which may differ from Forex Bible System since the latter would suggest you to exit during MACD reverse and re-cross the 0-line. But Forex Bible System get trades 1 or 2 bars earlier and is less choppy which is much preferable. Both Forex Pip Gather and Forex Bible System are based on moving average crosses since this is what it’s all about. Both strategies are basing on principles which are already proven. But Forex Pip gather will cost you 47USD while Forex Bible System is a free system that’s available publicly.

If you want to use Forex Pip Gather, suggest you to trade it with a confirmation on a higher timeframe. If being traded with H1, look for H4, if H4 is short, then take only the short signals in H1. The same is true with other timeframes (confirm M15 with M30/ H1, M5 with M15…) You will see improving results.

This may not be the best system but definitely, this is not a bad one. Just make sure to trade it in correct timing.

4xATM- A Scamm?

Another seemingly interesting and promising EA called 4xATM. Yes, you heard it right, promising as it makes so many promises. They promised a lot of cheesy bonuses like VPS and IB brokerage cash bonus or a money back guarantee that will really enticed attention. It seems that they are really professional scammers. A swing trading strategy called 4xatm made to capture small and medium moves. It can be used in M15 which can generate more trades or to a safer trade in H1.

Уникальный форекс индикатор Forex Replicator

It seems good to hear but when tried to actual testing, we received a lot of losses. The performance test was retired because of the poor ongoing performance and we stopped the test. Jumping into this was like jumping on a black hole with a lot a warning signs before entering into it.

Be very careful in choosing an EA. A lot of these are available but with no real accounts on forward test not even on demo. Something not worth our money and our time.


The EasyTrend is a seemingly simple but quite powerful trend indicator. Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. Here you will not see dozens of input parameters, the purpose of which is only clear to the developer. Instead, an artificial neural network handles the configuration of the parameters.

Professional verison: EasyTrend Pro
Professional version for MT5: EasyTrend Pro MT5

Input Parameters

  • Alert — if set to true, enables sending audible and text notifications when the trend changes. If set to false — disabled.
  • E-mail alert — if set to true, enables sending notifications to the email. If set to false — disabled. To use this function, it is necessary to configure email parameters in the terminal settings.


  • It does not get redrawn.
  • Suitable both for scalping, and for long-term trading.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • It is possible to enable sound alert or sending notifications to your email when the trend changes.
  • Automatically determines the trend and adapts to it: works on M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1.
  • Automatically adapts to all currency pairs, metals, futures and even stocks. The best adaptation is provided for metals and currency pairs.
  • It works well in combination with the classic oscillators: CCI, ADX, RSI, MFI.

How It Works

It is based on the analysis of the current change in the price deviation from its average value over a certain period and the statistical average of the absolute value of this parameter. The analysis results are adjusted by the sensitivity coefficient and vertical shifts, which in turn depend on the current trading instrument, timeframe and inclination angle of the trend channel. All internally variable parameters, values and automatic adaptation is managed by a simple neural network.

How to Trade?

Demonstration of the trading strategy presented below and the essence of the indicator can be seen in the attached video. On any timeframe, except W1 and MN1, the operation principle is the same:

  1. Choose the timeframe for trading, for example: M5. Wait for the indicator signal to buy or sell.
  2. After receiving the signal, make sure to check the trend on the higher timeframes. When trading on M5, check M15 and H1 — trends have to be distinct (not flat) and match your signal.
  3. Wait for the arrow to close above the indicator line when there is a sell signal, or below when there is a buy signal, and open a trade only after that. Set the Stop loss level at the same (or slightly greater) distance from the indicator line, by which the price has deviated after the signal appearance. The trade can also be closed based on an oscillator signal.
  4. Close order at your discretion: when the price crosses the indicator line, when the oscillator generates an opposite signal, when the order closes by trailing stop.

The trading is most efficient on the M1, M5, H1, H4, D1 periods and on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAUUSD, XAGUSD currency pairs. The results on M15 and M30 are worse, but not too much. Using the W1 and MN1 timeframes is risky, as there is no way to confirm the trend.

The timeframes for checking the trend:

  • M1M5 and M15.
  • M5M15 and H1.
  • M15H1 and H4.
  • M30H4 and D1.
  • H1H4 and D1.
  • H4D1 and W1.
  • D1W1 and MN1.

The timeframe for trading is on the left, and timeframes for checking the trend are on the right.


Testing the indicator on a demo account: EasyTrend indicator Signal

Уникальный форекс индикатор Forex Replicator

Contact information for questions and help:

  • Profile: Denis Glaz

At the first start on any pair of any timeframe, the indicator may be slightly slow. This happens because the neural network needs to process data and create a file. Good luck!

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