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Candlestick Patterns Dashboard Indicator Download

Candlestick Patterns Dashboard Indicator plots a dashboard that shows currency pairs ’ символ, период времени, up/down direction , trading pattern , ages of candle Patterns ( X bars ago ) and chart buttons that open chart directly and draw pattern on the live chart .
Candlestick Patterns Dashboard Indicator has some features like : custom symbols , multi timeframe , 1 candle patterns , 2 candle patterns , 3 candle patterns , оповещения и т. д.. Candlestick patterns include such as Hammer/ Shooting star , Marubozu , Kicker , Window , Doji , Belt Hold , поглощающий, Harami, пронзительный / Dark Cloud , Outside Up/Down , Inside Up/ Down , Morning Star and Eveninz Star , Three Soldiers Three Crows , Adrance Block/Descent Block , Rising One/Falling One , Rising Two/Falling Two , Rising Three/Falling Three , Rising Four/Falling Four , Rising Five/Falling Five , Tasuki Gap , Side by Side Gap , Deliberation , Squeeze Alert , Breaks Away Two , Break Away Three , Break Away Four , Break Away Five and Fakey etc .
Download Candlestick Patterns Dashboard Indicator

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20# Candlestick Dashboard

Power Metatrader 4 Tool for Scanner Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns detects

Candlestic Dashboard indicator MT4 is an power Metatrader 4 tool for scanner candlesticks patterns at all time frame an for all pairs , indices, stocks and commodities.

it is a customizable tool and you can choose the financial instruments to include, then by clicking on the Candlestick Dashboard you immediately get the chart.

So from these features described is a simple MT4 tool that facilitates and speeds up our analysis of price patterns of currency pairs and financial markets in general. The Candlestick dashboard detects all types of most profitable patterns that are formed with Japanese candles.

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

Candlesticks — Vol 8 — Inverted Hammer

Platform: Metatrader 4

Time frame: 1 min or higher, but the best price patterns are those that are formed at higher time frames because it was detected with the experience that they have greater reliability in forecasting a market price movement.

Currency pairs: any.

Examples of candlesticks patterns

Tasuki Gap continuation pattern.

Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

Breakaway reversal pattern.

Evening Star / Evening Doji Star / Morning Star / Morning Doji Star

Three Black Crows / Three White Soldiers

Outside Up / Outside Down

Engulfing Bullish / Engulfing Bearish

Inside Up / Inside Down, n addition, the “Candlestick Dashboard” indicator also detects the following reversal patterns:

Hammer / Shooting Star / Hanging Man

Piercing / Dark Cloud

These are the best continuation patterns in our opinion. When these patterns show up, there’s a high probability that the current trend will continue.

In conclusion it must be remembered that if you want to use the Candlestick Dashboard you must filter the signals with trend indicators such as moving averages or the Macd, or with indicators that detect the overbought and oversold of the market such as bollinger bands, RSI and other.

Quantitative Candlesticks Qstick

Qstick is a way to objectively quantify candlestick analysis and improve the interpretation of candlestick patterns. Qstick was developed by Tushar Chande and published in his book «The New Technical Trader — Boost Your Profit by Plugging Into the Latest Indicators (1994)«. Qstick is built based on a moving average of the difference between the Open and Close prices. The basis of the idea is that the Opening and Closing prices are the heart of candlestick analysis. We strongly recommend the read of the book for more details.

Since many intraday traders take into account also the Highs and Lows of the price movement, we at Minions Labs also put this option for you to test and decide which is best on the Symbol you are currently trading.

Along with the Qstick average line we also added a «Signal Line» so you can control early signals in a different way. This Signal Line is a moving average of the Qstick values. So it is smoothed. With Qstick there are not right or wrong configurations, it will all depend on the Symbol’s volatility, timeframe and also, your own strategy of analyzing the market. This indicator is very powerful to early identify divergences between the indicator and the prices on your chart, giving early signs of reversals.

  • Moving average period to apply over Qstick calculation.
  • Signal line period.
  • Prices to use on calculations — Open & Close, or High & Low
  • Type of coloring method to use on indicator: Zero-line cross OR Signal-line cross.
  • Color configuration and styles for Qstick line and the Signal line.


  1. First and more powerful, spotting divergences between Qstick and Price Action.
  2. Loss of momentum when Signal Line crosses (Up or Down) Qstick Line.
  3. Trend following using higher periods and monitoring QStick position to identify an Uptrend of Downtrend (Above the zero-line or Below).
  4. For more details, we suggest the read of the Qstick chapter of Tushar’s book, it contains plenty of detail and examples.

The Best Candlestick Patterns to Profit in Forex and binary — For Beginners

If you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!).

This will mean A LOT to me. And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free.

Свеча валюты Индикатор питания Скачать

Свеча валюты Индикатор питания отображает каждую валютную мощность (0-7) на каждом candle.Power первой валюты во имя символа отображается над свечой, в то время как мощность второй валюты отображается под свечи.
Поддерживаемые пары:

Новый индикатор Price Action. Автоматизируем поиск паттернов

Скачать Свеча валюты Индикатор питания:

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Metatrader 4 (MT4) Hotkeys & Keyboard Shortcuts

MetaTrader-4 (MT4) нь валют, мател, газрын тос, үнэт цаас, хувьцаа зэргийн форекс арилжааг хийх зориулалттай Metaquotes-оос гаргасан үн.

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