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Intermarket Indicator for Daytrading Eurusd

This indicator is a former experimental indicator for EURUSD, which has been modfied so as to look at multiple price bars as if they are one single bar. For example the default Period value is 13, this makes the indicator run from bar zero (latest price bar), all the way back to bar 13, and take into account the open at bar 13, the maximum and minimum values in that range, as high and low, and the latest market price as the Close. In effect, even when the trader uses this value on a 5min chart, they are really looking at a 5min*14=70min chart.

This makes the indicator more powerful, and avoids all the noise and nonsense at the beginning of the new bar, since the running period never makes a complete discrete step, rather it makes a smooth transition from bar to bar.

The cool thing is that this indicator takes data from 6 currency pairs, to work out where EURUSD stands relative to those other pairs, and that’s why it produces signals that are impossible to find on a naked EURUSD chart. I have been in the markets for 21 years now, and most popular indiators don’t work. never did. Only one type of swing trading analysis works on the daily chart, anything else published on books and courses is about Fibonacci and trendlines and patterns, which seem to work because they appear somehow right, no matter what the market does. But have zero predictive power.

Please ask me for detailed information on how to use this indicator (it works on both day trading and longer term analysis by setting different

Overlay Chart индикатор

input number on the Fomula Period variable (Set Formula Periods to 0 for analying the daily trend and look for blue line divergences which are very

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

strong buy/sell signals, as well as grey line gaps). Set it back to 13 or other number for day trading, always keep Plot periods > Formula periods.

Intermarket Systems – Нечестный форекс Брокер. Проект платит?

Only two patterns have been verified on this indicator, there are 2 more patterns being tested, and it is also possible to later make it work

so as to perform multi time frame scans, even though the user only deploys it on the 5min chart. This takes a lot of work to do, and it will be

according to users’ request, some user may require pop up alerts, while another user may require visual, on chart signals.

99# Vidya Trading System

This trading system uses fast and slow Chande Variable Index Dynamic Averages (a.k.a. VIDYA’s) to generate signals for potential trading opportunities.

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The signals are generated using the following logic:

Long Entry = Fast VIDYA crosses above Slow VIDYA and MACD>0

Long Exit = Fast VIDYA crosses below Slow VIDYA

Short Entry = Fast VIDYA crosses below Slow VIDYAand MACD <0

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