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Multi Level Trend Swing

Multi Level Trend Swing is an indicator that identifies the most accurate buy/sell swing points with the highest probability, based on multi-level Zig Zag Swings. The indicator paints arrows at the Higher Highs, Higher Lows, Lower Lows and Higher Lows in the chart, but based on two level Zig Zag Swing. If the fast price swing is in line with the trend of the slow price swing, then the buy/sell arrows are biggest. If the price swing is against the trend, dots are displayed to signal a Higher High or a Lower Low. In this condition the market is trending and trading against the trend should be avoided unless very strickt risk management with corresponding Stop loss orders. The purpose of the indicator is to identify the most accurate buy/sell swing points and to assist trading in line with the fast and slow trend.

By default the fast Zig Zag is 12, the slow Zig Zag is 50. These setting as wel as arrow colors can be configured in the parameters for both swings.

The indicator repaints but the purpose of the indicator is to :

  • See the market trend
  • See the fast- and slow swing condition of the market
  • Identify accurate buy/sell entry points with the highest probability
  • Avoid market entry against the trend !

There is a demo version of this indicator available to use in Strategy tester.

The indicator will only display future signals as soon as it is attached to the chart.
You will immediately notice the use and the effectiveness of this indicator.

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IMPORTANT : Some calculations are based on the default Zig Zag indicator, which should be present in the root indicators folder.

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