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The indicator is looking for a Price Action double bar reversal pattern.

  • A double bar with similar Lows and higher Close — DBLHC (bullish setup)
  • A double bar with similar Highs and lower Close — DBHLC (bearish setup)

A pattern may consist of two, three or even four bars. It is believed that the more bars form a pattern, the stronger it is.

Aggression Wave PRO

Aggression Wave PRO is an indicator developed to monitor the divergence, strength, and continuity of the aggression volume of sell and buy negotiations.

Note: This indicator DOES NOT WORK for Brokers and/or Markets WITHOUT the type of aggression (BUY or SELL). Cryptocurrencies and Forex do not provide this type of data, that is, it does not work with them.

The Agrression Wave PRO has features that allow you to view beyond the accumulated delta volume of the day.

Operation :

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

The Agression Wave PRO works with any asset (which provides type of aggression), any time graph and Renko type graphs.

It is possible to set the Volume Type:

  • Real Volume (in this mode, the volumes traded in each asset transaction will be accounted)
  • Ticks Volume (in this mode, the number of transactions of the asset will be counted.)

It is possible to define the starting time of the calculations:


It is possible to configure the Signal line:

  • Method: SMA / EMA / SMMA / LWMA
  • Period

Индикатор Форекс бабочка

Resources :

Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

It has 8 viewing modes:

  1. PLOT_ALL : Plot all available information
  2. PLOT_WAVE_AGGRESSION : Plots the accumulated of the Delta + the signal line of the accumulated
  3. PLOT_WAVE_DELTA_AGGRESSION : Plots the accumulated of the Delta + the signal line of the accumulated + Delta
  4. PLOT_BUY_AGGRESSION : Plot Buy Aggression + the signal line of the accumulated
  5. PLOT_SELL_AGGRESSION : Plot Sell Aggression + the signal line of the accumulated
  6. PLOT_DELTA_AGGRESSION : Plot Delta + the signal line of the accumulated
  7. PLOT_BUY_SELL_AGGRESSION : Plot Buy Aggression + Sell Aggression + the signal line of the accumulated
  8. PLOT_BUY_SELL_DELTA_AGGRESSION : Plot Buy Aggression + Sell Aggression + Delta + the signal line of the accumulated

It has 7 configurable alerts: :

  1. Aggression crosses Signal Line
  2. Aggression crosses Level Zero
  3. Aggression change TREND Color
  4. Signal Line crosses Level Zero
  5. Signal Line change TREND Color
  6. Delta crosses Level Zero
  7. Delta crosses Configurable Level

For each alert it is possible to configure:

  • Popup
  • Sound(There are 13 types of sound available.)
  • Smartphone notification
  • Popup and Sound
  • Popup and Smartphone notification
  • Sound a nd Smartphone notification
  • Popup, Sound and Smartphone notification

Integration with Expert Advisors or other Indicators :

There are 12 buffers available for access and integration with expert advisors or other indicators, the buffers of aletrs are filled even with the alerts turned off, they are

  • Buffer ID 8: Buy Aggression Value
  • Buffer ID 13: Sell Aggression Value
  • Buffer ID 18: Delta Aggression Value
  • Buffer ID 20: Signal Line Value
  • Buffer ID 22: Aggression Accumulated Value
  • Buffer ID 23: Alert 1
  • Buffer ID 24: Alert 2
  • Buffer ID 25: Alert 3
  • Buffer ID 26: Alert 4
  • Buffer ID 27: Alert 5
  • Buffer ID 28: Alert 6
  • Buffer ID 29: Alert 7

The Buffers referring to the 7 Alerts can contain the following values:

  • Downtrend: (-1)
  • Undefined trend: (0)
  • Uptrend: (+1)

If you have any feature suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask for it to be implemented.

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