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Trade360 & CrowdTrading

Trade360 is an online trading portal but with a twist- yes, the company has redefined the methodology of trading over the internet with the maxim of CrowdTrading!

So, what is CrowdTrading exactly?

Well, the essence of CrowdTrading owes its genesis to the ancient philosophy of “wisdom of crowd” which lies at the very heart of science, democracy, statistics, business and now with Trade360 you can apply it in your personal business decisions too. It’s an established truth that collective knowledge or opinion seems to be way more accurate compared to the opinion of one single expert.

Trade360 & CrowdTrading


Trade360 has come up with state of the art algorithm or tools that monitors & analyzes different trading movements & positions of a vast web of online international traders. The constant monitoring helps the company to spot changes on typical assets which are further highlighted so that you can make informed trading decisions while trading here.

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Торговый терминал МТ4. Индикатор времени.

Each of the CrowdTrading tools here is especially framed to detect various trading patterns as shown by a vast sample or gallery of active online traders. The company has come up with a unique feature called Live Feed that displays percentages of traders who have decided to sell or buy asset/assets at a given moment. This data will supply you the desired insight to cash in on the moment & profit from mass momentum.

Trade360 CrowdTrading tools

Live Feed -It aggregates the mass-generated events in easy live-stream.

МТ4. Индикатор времени.

Trend Spotting — It displays Selling/Buying trends on particular assets.

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Trend Reversal — It helps when movement on some asset changes direction abruptly.


Moving fast — it recognizes rapid sell/buy activity on specific asset.


Surge In Openings — It shows when increased number of traders open the positions on specific asset.


Growth In trading -shows volume of trade on some specific asset.


Possible Uptrend — It shows uptrend on specific asset.


Possible Downtrend — It shows downtrend on specific asset


Trade on versatile assets


You will be able to choose the most compatible options from a wide array of over 110 assets- including the most popular options like stocks, currencies, commodities, indexes or the cutting edge bit coin.


Most intuitive trading platform

Trading with Trade360 is just a breeze thanks to its most intuitive platforms. With customer convenience at its core, the leading trading company has come up with both online & mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad apps) trading platforms. The online option assures customizable interface, round-the-clock trading & no installation or download issues. The mobile counterpart allows the flexibility of trading from anywhere & anytime with the promise of premium content streaming & desktop-level interface.




Trade360 assures a practice bonus worth $60 & a free $50 bonus as you start your business with the portal. There is a 30% bonus on first deposit as well. The minimum deposit is a mere $25 .


The company promises 24/7 customer support and zero rolling commission on stocks.


Whether you wish to go along the collective flow or buck the popular trend- either way, you would be able to come up with better-informed, timely & confident trading decisions- thanks to Trade360.

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