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Автор — исследователь, изучающий фондовый и валютный рынок в исследовательских целях.. The EA has been backtested from July 1, 2022 to Jan 13, 2022 on EURUSD . It has managed to turn $10,000 к $59,294, но нет гарантии, что прошлые результаты будут указывать на будущие результаты.


This expert advisor is based on the concept that market does not move always in one direction . Even when the market is trending in one direction at some points it pullback . Usually the pullback is due to strong support or resistance levels or the dominant traders decided to take some profit , which usually force the market to move in the opposite direction for some time . The EA makes use of this reverse move . Как и ожидалось, the EA performs better when it is trading in trend direction .

The EA works as follows :

If the MA (34) on the Day chart is turning up the indicators opens a Buy trade and vice versa . If it moves in the trend direction , the EA closes the position as specified by the take profit (TP) параметр. The default is 60 для 4 digits brokers and 600 для 5 digits brokers .

In case the market moved opposite to opened trade direction , the EA will open another position in the same direction of the previous trade at -600 (-60пипсы) with the same lot size . If the market moves in the trade direction , both trades will be closed at TP target of the last trade . This will be repeated for the next level , but with a lot size of 2, 4, а также 8. If the intial lot size is 0.1 Например, the lot of the next levels will be :

Уровень Размер лота
0 1 Икс 0.1 знак равно 0.1
1 1 Икс 0.1 знак равно 0.1
2 2 Икс 0.1 знак равно 0.2
3 4 Икс 0.1 знак равно 0.4
4 8 Икс 0.1 знак равно 0.4


The EA uses many paramters . The most importants are :

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

TP: Зафиксировать прибыль. If your broker is using 4 digits the default should be changed to 60 вместо 600.

DP : This represents the timeframe . The default is the day timeframe which is 1440. You can add the EA to any chart . тем не мение, it will use DP to specify the timeframe for its MA .

MAP : Moving Average Period . The default is 34.

MaxTrade : The maximum number of trades the EA will open in the same direction .

TradeType : если 0 the EA will follow the MA direction , 1 to force the EA to open buy trade , а также 2 to force sell trades


Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

The best use of this EA when combined with other indicator such as moving average , Полосы Боллинджера, Support and Resistant levels . You can shift from TradeType 0, 1, или же 2 according to the indicators .

Use the appropriate lot size that meets your money management .

Советник AlgoTradeSoft | Стоит ли торговать на реальном счете?

ОБНОВИТЬ: Версия 2

The attached updated MLTrendE V2 allows trades to set few more parameters that are :

maReversal = true/false . Если правда, the system will be trading using EMA (500). If price crossed below EMA (500) going up , the system will close any sell position and set TradeType to 1. If the price crossed the EMA (500) going down , the system will close any opened buy position and set TradeType to 2. It is recommended to use this parameter with H1 timeframe and can be back tested using open price .

allowSL = true/false . You need to set maReversal to false in order to use allowSL . When allowSL is set to true , the system will use the original multiple levels system and implement a stop/loss on the last opened position . When the last opened position reaches SL , the system will close all positions at all levels and reverse the trend by setting TradeType . With allowSL , you need to set two more parameters that are SL and MaxTrade . When allowSL is true , you can back test the system only using every tick .

I really like this but need it to work with Micro Lot account . The smallest lot for this is .10 and I really need to start the trades at .01

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