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[Советник] [Мартингейл] Genesis matrix 2.21

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Genesis EA mt5

The GENESIS EA makes from one to several trades per day. Be patient after installing the GENESIS EA and it will reward you with a stable profit.

Before testing GENESIS EA be sure to download a history date for each pair (press F2)

✅ Two stable strategy in one EA .

✅ No fake or scam back testing

✅ Easy to install easy to use .

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

GENESIS EA works with all FX pairs which have spread lower 30 points on M15 time frame chart. To trade stability you need to use VPS.


Magic number you need to change the unique number only if you use several EAs on a one pair

Hidden Stop Loss — you can hid Stop Loss and Take Profit from your broker

Show Dashboard — the dashboard panel shows on a chart useful information about trading transactions and account balance

Lot Type: Auto/Fixed — you can choose Fixed (e.g. =0.01) or Auro lot size are increasing according to your Balance Step parameter (e.g. =1000). It means the lot size will increase or reduce every 1K Balance amount

Balance Step — the lower Balance Step the higher risk. We recommend using parameter value above 1000 if you are using several pairs in the same time

Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

Orders Step (Strategy #2) — this parameter adjusts the distance to open the next order in the series

Martin ratio — parameter for increasing next order size if the last one trade has drawdown. Increasing the size of the next order allows you to compensate for a losing series and get profit. This is an important part of the Strategy #1. If you don’t like increasing lot size, you should set value= 1.0

Start Hour_1 — time start of Strategy #1

End Hour_1 — time end of opening a new serie of Strategy #1

Start Hour_2 — time start of Strategy #2

End Hour_2 — time end of opening a new order of Strategy #2

GENESIS EA using a time of Meta Trader (Broker time GMT +3/+2 (summer)) If your broker has different time you should optimize time parameter for your MT

We recommend optimize EA setting for each brokers has different trading conditions. How to easy optimize settings: here

Before testing GENESIS EA be sure to download a history date for each pair (press F2)

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