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Scalper Inside PRO

This is a trend indicator for MT4, giving accurate signals without repaint or delays, and allows you to test your own arrows indicators.

Main Features

  • Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA)
  • Automatic Detection of Enrty and Exit Points
  • Detailed Statistics Calculation
  • Includes Two Superior Strategies
  • Suitable for Different Trading Instruments and Timeframes
  • Ability to Connect Custom Indicators to Calculate Statistics and Check Profitable (in PRO version)
  • Easy-to-Use Rules
  • Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Traders
  • 100% Non-Repainting Indicator
  • Fully Customizable

Settings Description

Entry Rules:

  • Select Strategy — Strategy choice for trading:
    • Strategy-1
    • Strategy-2
    • Custom Indicator

    СТРАТЕГИЯ трейдинга по Ларри Вильямсу. Форекс индикатор WPR

    • Buy (usually Buffer 0)
    • Sell (usually Buffer 1)
    • Next Candle Entry: open a position on the next candle after the signal appears.
    • Delta Entry: we open a position when the price reaches the calculated entrance level. This mode helps to filter out some false signals.

    Exit Rules:

    • Select Close Position Settings
      • Auto Calculate SL: Stop Loss level is calculated automatically
      • Reversal SL: Close positions on the opposite Signal
      • Use Manual SL: Use Manual Stop Loss

      Manual Targets:

      • Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3 — Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3 (true/false)

      Alerts Settings:

      • All Alerts Disabled — All alerts quickly disabled, if ‘true
      • Arrows Email Alert / Arrows Sound Alert / Arrows Pop-up Alert / Arrows Send Notifications — Activate/Deactivate different types of signals, when the Arrow Signal appears

      Other Settings:

      • History Bars for Calculation — Number of bars for calculation

      Visual Settings:

      • Use Auto Color Theme — Use a preset Color Scheme
      • Select Color Theme — Dark/Light Theme selection, if ‘Auto Color Theme‘ = true
      • Panel Size Scale (0.5 – 2.0) — Allows to Increase or Decrease the Control Panel size
      • All of the following graphical settings will allow you to turn signals On/Off and completely change the color scheme. To use custom color settings, please do not forget to disable automatic theme selection: ‘Use Auto Color Theme‘ = false

      Connecting and Testing Custom Indicators

      The Custom Indicator Testing Module is used to connect and test your own indicators instead of built-in Strategies. This module works with most of the Arrow Indicators, automatically detecting their working principle. You only need to specify the Indicator Name and Graphical Buffers, in which the indicator draws arrows. Scalper Inside PRO will do the next steps by itself.

      1. Run Scalper Inside PRO and set ‘Select Strategy‘ = Custom Indicator.
      2. Set the indicator name in the ‘Custom Indicator Name‘ field.
      3. Select the graphic buffers of the Custom Indicator that displays arrows. Usually for Buy used Buffer-0, and for Sell used Buffer-1.
      4. Make sure that the Signal Arrows of the Custom Indicator match the Signal Arrows that Scalper Inside PRO has built.
      5. Then we can use the Scalper Inside PRO indicator in the normal mode, but receiving signals from the Custom Indicator.

      For the correct operation, it is unnecessary to install Custom Indicators on the chart! The Custom Indicator is connected with default settings.

      Форекс индикатор | Sicuro channel — теперь ты видишь ВСЁ. Forex strategy.

      Inside Bar Radar

      The Inside Bar pattern is a very well known candlestick formation used widely by traders all over the world and in any marketplace. This approach is very simple and adds a little confirmation candle, so it adds a third past candlestick to the count to confirm the direction of the move (upward or downward).

      Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

      Obviously, there is no power on this candlestick formation if the trader has no context on what it is happening on the market he/she is operating, so this is not magic, this «radar» is only a way to instantly show to the trader an Inside Bar formation and that’s it. The rest of the analysis is up to you.

      Индикатор Форекс выхода из сделки

      There are dozens (if not, hundreds) of videos out ther using several techniques around the Inside Bar formation. Do your homework.

      This indicator is highly optimized to cause no overhead at all in your platform — Only 36 lines of code! No parameters! Only color changes of you need.

      Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

      If you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!).

      This will mean A LOT to me. And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free.

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