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Один Chart Symbol Changer Индикатор загрузки

Один Chart Symbol Changer Индикатор показывает все имеющиеся валютные пары в одном графике, и пусть трейдеры могут быстро менять различные валютные пары.

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Range Exhaustion

Range Exhaustion occurs when price meets or exceeds the expected range for the current period. At these levels, price starts to lose its momentum relative to earlier in the period, so its a good point to make sure you are not taking new positions.

This indicator will show you where this is likely to happen on your chart, showing levels for Daily, Weekly and Monthly periods.

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When you see price exceeding these exhaustion levels, it’s telling you that the momentum behind the move is very strong and likely heading for the higher timeframe level.

The indicator can use the Average True Range (ATR) or the Average Range (ADR) calculation, depending on your preferences. By default we use ATR as we find it works better on Forex charts, but ADR does have the edge on Stock based indices and symbols.

The indicator has a number of drawing modes, described below, that allow you to tailor it to your needs.



Choose from AverageTrueRange (ATR) or AverageDailyRange (ADR) for calculating the levels.

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Рейтинг Форекс платформ:


The indicator can display in different ways.

— Draw Price Adjusted Line — The level adjusts through the period, based on Highs and Lows reached. This is the default and most commonly used method.

— Draw Expected Maximum — The level is a fixed value, being the last period close plus or minus the ATR or ADR value.

— Draw Both Lines — Shows both the above lines.

— Draw Rectangles — Shows a single rectangle where the top and bottom lines are the Price Adjusted and Expected Max/Min


The period to use when calculating the ATR/ADR values.


When true, draws the Daily exhaustion levels.


When true, draws the Weekly exhaustion levels.


When true, draws the Monthly exhaustion levels.


When true, draws descriptive labels for the levels. If false, just the line is drawn, but the lines have tooltips should you need to know what they represent.


When true, the level value will be added to the description and tooltip.


Font size to use when drawing descriptions

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When true, instead of drawing the lines to the end of the period, the lines extend to the right of the chart indefinately.

The following settings appear for each time period, D1, W1 and MN1

The colour to use when drawing the lines and description

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The width of line to draw. If the LineStyle is anything but Solid, this value is ignored. Only solid lines can have a width on MetaTrader.

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