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If you come across this website looking for something that may enhance your trading or help in making an investment decision, there is a strong chance that you are familiar with some other trading and investing systems. You probably know about thousands and thousands of technical analysis indicators provided by many of these systems. You have seen some other software packages that claim 90% accuracy of stock market forecast. You have heard about things like trend lines, pitchforks, Fibonacci levels, etc. All of these techniques are good, except one significant flaw: they work only inside a trend.

That should be expected as many of these programs deal with the PAST explanation of the price movement and expect that the FUTURE price movement repeats these patterns.

Timing Solution has a different approach to financial markets. It is focused on scientific market forecast.

Welcome to Timing Solution world!

Going beyond Technical Analysis

Timing Solution’s main product is a projection line.

Instead of suggesting more technical analysis indicators, Timing Solution does stock market modeling by applying state-of-the-art math methods, our own observations and analysis of knowledge gathered by our predecessors.

Рейтинг Форекс брокеров:

We analyze price history of different financial instruments, reveal patterns and cycles that are present there, create market forecast models and test them applying statistics and Walk Forward Analysis. The result is a projection line suitable for trading. Suggested models are based on different techniques, traditional as well as specially designed by our team.

Four steps to build forecast

Timing Solution software differs from other software packages in one more way: we implement academic/scientific/mathematical standards for research and verification of the results. These standards are behind all numbers that we provide. The accuracy of our models is less than usually advertised by some vendors. However, each percent is true, and we stand by it.

Timing Solution: Planetary & Projection Lines! WD Gann Style!

Индикаторы технического анализа в Timing Solution: Hurst Exponent

Однако, циклы Херста можно выводить также прямо на котировки через специальный индикатор теханализа — Hurst Exponent:

Timing Solution-02 Import Real time Price in Timing Solution

Рейтинг Форекс платформ:

Здесь то же самое, но уже с другим отображением индикатора Hurst Exponent, в нижней панели:

В нижней панели — рекомендуемое отображение; это не только более привычно, но там слева есть шкала, показатели которой имеют важное значение в интерпретации значений экспоненты Херста.

June 9 Timing Solution

Величину экспоненты (ее период) изменяем, при необходимости, в момент добавления (по умолчанию стоит 28):

И можно два индикатора смотреть в одной панели (а можно врозь — на ваш выбор):

Как видите на скрине выше, экспонента Херста-200, более плавная, не так частит, лучше показала топ в котировках золота в марте 2022 (красная линия).

Timing Solution. Free Gann Square (Свободный квадрат Ганна)

Применение индикатора:

Easy Expert Tool in Timing Solution Terra Incognita version.

Вначале теория, самая суть. В теории (применительно к естественным процессам) с данным коэффициентом (далее Кх) всё предельно просто — он отвечает на вопрос «сохранится ли прежняя тенденция?» Для характеристики разных процессов Херст использует несколько диапазонов своего показателя, в частности:

— Значение Кх выше 0,5 свидетельствует о том, что тенденция склонна к продолжению (последовательность персистентна);
— Кх = 0,5 – явный тренд отсутствует (последовательность носит стохастический характер);
— Кх меньше 0,5 означает, что вероятность смены тенденции достаточно высока (последовательность антиперсистентна).

Возможное применение индикатора в трейдинге: как можно заметить, трендовые участки действительно соответствуют коэффициенту Херста, превышающему 0,5, но, учитывая специфику торговли, например, на рынке Форекс, границы диапазонов лучше пересмотреть следующим образом:

— Трендом следует считать участок, на котором Кх>0,7;
— Если Кх находится в диапазоне от 0,3 до 0,7 – это флет;
— Значения Кх<0,3 следует рассматривать как сигнал на разворот.

Но это лишь соображения. Нужно работать с ним, экспериментировать, какой-то четкой методологии для работы с этим индикатором, насколько я знаю, пока нет.

Timing Solution Tutorials

This section has information for new users. We believe that you will learn software abilities quickly and will use it effectively if you follow these steps.

5 min 1 day prediction

Tutorial Level 1 : Basic techniques — this our official documentation, it covers basic techniques and skills .

Weekly Classes — time to time we do special classes covering different subjects

Timing Solution Group — all Timing Solution get access to Timing Solution support Group, where they can share they results/finding/experience and got fast answer to their questions

Knowledge Data Base — this automated Help System. Just type keyword there like "Spectrum" and you will get all articles regarding spectrum module.

Timing solution for February 2020

Tutorial Level II: Applications Many new users are confused by abundance of available techniques. Here you will find the description of the most workable techniques. You will be able not only to create the projection line, you will learn how to verify it. We update these classes from time to time while the new techniques are developed.

Welcome to Timing Solutions Ltd.

To reduce the paperwork and contact points for hiring transponders, we ask you to order and pay for your hire transponder through our Web Store for collection at the event. All orders must be received by the Wednesday prior to the race weekend to ensure availability.

Timing Solution

Please place your order HERE

Timing Solutions Limited provides timing services for worldwide events including SRO GT World Challenge, British Touring Cars, British GT & Bennetts British Superbikes. We also supply data to TV broadcasters to use for various audiences around the globe.

Timing Solution

In addition to providing dedicated and customised timing to major international and national series, we also serve one off and domestic club events. We operate at a large majority of UK events throughout the year ranging from race meetings, sprints & hill climbs to rallies.

Trend Channels Demo

This is a very comfortable tool to analyze important trend-channels of the market. It calculates the channels according to your settings on the panel and automatically saves every important setting for every symbol and period! With it’s graphical interface, it is very easy to use! Please watch the YouTube video in HD.

Profit Forex Perpaduan Timing Solution dan Fibonacci Retracements

This demo version is limited to USDCAD! You can find the full version here: Scalp Tools TrendChannels

Эпизоды встречи с Сергеем Тарасовым, создателем Timing Solution

Scalp Tools Trend Channels

This is a very comfortable tool to analyze important trend-channels of the market. It calculates the channels according to your settings on the panel and automatically saves every important setting for every symbol and period! With it’s graphical interface, it is very easy to use! Please watch the YouTube video in HD.

You can find a demo-version (limited to USDCAD) here: Trend Channels Demo

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