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Aluguei o indicador, Não recebi nenhum suporte do Magomed Zakarya, estou testando o indicador e por enquanto ele está com winrate de 35%, ou seja muito abaixo do esperado.

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Universal HTF Indicator

This utility is a universal meta-indicator that enables you to use any other indicator calculated over the higher timeframe (HTF) data. Now you may find precise entries and exits on working timeframe with no need of switching to a higher timeframe.

TickChart Indicator Lite for MT5

TickChart Indicator plots tick line on the main window of MetaTrader.
In the Lite version, the number of ticks is limited to 20 and the alert function described below is omitted.

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The tick-line shows the most detailed, fastest and real-time activities of the market, which are usually hidden in bars or candles longer than 1 minute. Usually, several new tick-line segments appear while a bar of M1 time frame is completed. After the release of an important economic indicator, the number of ticks per bar may exceeds 100.

WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple

This indicator overlays the tick-line on normal chars in the main windows. Although usual charts are in «time-price» space, the tick-chart is in «tick-price» space, that is, the X-axis of tick chart is not the time. When market is very active, the X-axis of tick-chart advances fast and vice versa.

Новый Авторский Индикатор «TREND NAVIGATOR» (Top Biznes)

TickChart indicator is useful in many situations. For example,

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Universal EA Taranus 9, универсальный советник

  • A tool for scalping : You can find several chances in a minute
  • Find chances in the turbulence after the release of importance economic indicators: The tick-chart shows the detailed price changes hidden in a long long bull/bear candle
  • As an electro-cardiogram of market: The pace of tick-chart segments generation indicates how vital the market is
  • Multi-time-frame market watch: For example, you can see the tick chart and M15 time frame chart on the same window. This indicator overlays the shortest time frame, the tick.
  • Alert of significant price changes: Send an email and/or notifications using RSI and Envelope deviation.

Download Forex Factory News Indicator for MT4 (New version)

There may be more usages. If you find a nice one, please let me know.

Для торговли на новостях индикатор FXCalendar_T

Parameter name Description
Number of ticks to draw It is about 200. Too many ticks may slows down MetaTrader
Tick-bid-line width Width of the tick-line for bid price. Width 0 indicates no tick-bid-line
Tick-bid-line color (MT5) Line color
Tick-bid-line style (MT5) Line style, solid, dots, .
Tick-ask-line width Width of the tick-line for ask price. Width 0 indicates no tick-ask-line
Tick-ask-line color (MT5) Line color
Tick-ask-line style (MT5) Line style, solid, dots, .
Tick-MA period Period of SMA, i.e. how many ticks will be used to calculate the moving average
Tick-MA bid line width Line width of tick SMA on bid price. Width 0 indicates no SMA line
Tick-MA bid line style (MT5) Line style
Tick-MA bid line color (MT5) Line color
Tick-MA ask line width Line width of tick SMA on ask price. Width 0 indicates no SMA line
Tick-MA ask line style (MT5) Line style
Tick-Ma ask line color (MT5) Line color
Alert email Turn on/off email alert. Alert occurs when RSI and Envelope provides the same buy/sell signal described below.
If «true», alert will be send when
( (RSI<RSI_lower_level) or (RSI>RSI_upper_level) ) and ( (deviation>alert_level) or (deviation< -alert_level) )
Alert notify Turn on/off notification (using MetaQuotesID in MetaTrader option). The same alert as above.
Envelope period for alert Envelope period of alert. The period here is the number of bars, not the number of ticks.
RSI period for alert RSI period of alert, The number of bars.
RSI lower alert level RSI less than this value indicates that the price is near the buy area
RSI upper alert level RSI higher than this value indicates that the price is near the sell area
Envelope deviation alert level Envelope deviation higher/lower than (level)/(-level) indicates the price is near the sell/buy area
Minimum alert interval Do not send alert for this specified interval after the previous alert for avoiding too many alerts in a same incident

(MT5): Only in the MetaTrader5 version. In MetaTrader4 version, line properties are in the property of indicator.

The screenshot show the two tick lines of bid and ask prices and the 20MA tick line. It shows that the detailed price changes inside long candles. The high price (p) of a candle is displayed as the peak of tick chart (p’). You can see many highs and lows inside a candle and find more trade chances.

Mini Chart Indicators

The Metatrader 5 has a hidden jewel called Chart Object, mostly unknown to the common users and hidden in a sub-menu within the platform. Called Mini Chart, this object is a miniature instance of a big/normal chart that could be added/attached to any normal chart, this way the Mini Chart will be bound to the main Chart in a very minimalist way saving a precious amount of real state on your screen. If you don’t know the Mini Chart, give it a try — see the video and screenshots below.

Индикатор News Calendar. Описание

This is a great idea for those using Strategy Analysis called «Triple Screen», but the native MT5 implementation of the Mini Chart is just basic, and only allows you to add Indicators or different Templates over them using a script or programming an indicator.

news Индикатор выхода новостей

Well, not anymore. We present the Mini Chart Indicators, a tool that you can drag and drop on your main chart and configure/add your own Indicators and Templates over any Mini Chart you have.

Truly News Indicator. Порядок настройки инструмента

There are dozens of applications where you can apply Mini Charts. And with the boost of Mini Chart Indicators you will have the freedom to do whatever you want with you Charts in a smart way. Test it for yourself! You will fall in love as I did.

Truly News Indicator — время выхода новостей на графике в MT4


  • The Name of the Mini Chart to apply the Template and/or Indicators.
  • Your template name — It could be any template previously saved by you in the platform.
  • Up to 5 indicators — each with up to 5 configurable parameters. If you need more, just ping us, we started with this ammount of indicators and parameters thinking that it would be enough for most of the cases. Parameters passed could be INTEGER, DOUBLE or STRING.
  • Ability to show Log messages on the EXPERTS tab to debug any problem you could encounter.


  1. Due to the nature of the Mini Chart, not all Indicators and Templates will work. Please test your desires and intentions on the DEMO version, available here:
    MiniChart Indicators DEMO. (* Due to the new MQL5 policy developers cannot provide DEMO versions to the general public here in this website anymore.)
  2. Sometimes an Indicator added to a Template and then used in a Mini Chart will not work, but if the Indicator is added through the Mini Chart Indicatorsinterface it may work. Just be sure then that the Template is saved without it. Test both possibilities.
  3. When saving templates to be used on Mini Charts remember to disable all the things you don’t want in it, as well as the desired Zoom level, so the template will have only the items/parameters you want in the Mini Chart. Watch the video for ideas.

Обзор обновлённой стратегии индикатора TREND INDICATOR

Didn’t Find a Feature You Need?

No product is perfect for everyone. If you think you need a missing feature from our product just send us a message. We love feedback!

VWAP — продвинутый индикатор VSA анализа

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Индикаторы профиля рынка VP V6 и VP Range V6. Как торговать по профилю? Binary option indicator

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